Build a Hero

Learn how to create the HTML structure and CSS styling for a common website hero design for free.

3-Day Email Course

How this works

Each day you get a quick email from me with a practical exercise that will bring you that much closer to creating a hero area.

Each lesson includes directions on how to complete the steps, and on the next day, you receive my exact work so you can confirm your awesomeness or use mine as a guide to learn how to improve.

What you get

Learn how to…

  • Block out a design that you receive from a designer.
  • Plan out the structure of your HTML.
  • Create the basic HTML elements needed.
  • Layout your HTML using basic CSS.
  • Style it to look like the design.
  • BONUS – add subtle animations to give it a little extra!

100% Free

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You will get instant access to the first lesson right to your email inbox. By the end of the three-day course, you will be building hero areas in your sleep!