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You can always FTP in and make a change!

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You can always edit it…. As developers we can login to FTP, open the file, and make the change. It is that easy. Don’t overthink it.

As a designer you can adjust that landing page design later, or fix the social template post launch.

We spend so much time hoping to get it just perfect. But the truth is, we need to focus on getting the MVP out there. Figure out the core functionality and focus on that. Once that is ready, ship it.

You can add polish later. In fact, you will be better off adding the polish when you have some feedback from your users. Your users will tell you the polish that you need to add.

We can sit in the “let me make this better” phase forever, so don’t get stuck in that trap.

Don’t get me wrong, it is good to add polish to your product. That polish can come once your idea has traction though, it is not needed to get the idea out there. Wasting a week trying to get the animations just right, is not going to improve your results by a measurable amount.

How to stop yourself from polish syndrome

  1. Identify all of the enhancements and improvements that you want to add. These become your backlog.
  2. Rate those items by impact and effort. (Eisenhower matrix)
  3. Sort by priority
  4. Give yourself a set amount of time (half a day or less) to do as many of the items as you can in order of priority.
  5. Ship your product.

Once your idea is shipped you can schedule time each day or week to continue working on the list. The list will grow, and that is a good thing. When your product isn’t being enhanced it is dying.

So ship the idea now and enhance it later.

🧪 Experiment

An update on my current experiment.

Improve My Typing Speed: Last week, my best WPM was 58; this week, it was 63. Slowly but surely improving. I am testing my speed here; let me know what you get!

👍 Worth It!

YouTube Video: I have been getting into journaling over the past few weeks. It has truly helped me gain some clarity. This was not my first foray into it, but this time, I found some inspiration that truly helped me get into creating a journalling habit. This video by Struthless that talks about his “Vomit Method” has helped me get started and keep the habit going!

What I liked was how simple he keeps it. Past videos I have watched on the topic has always put journalling up on this pedestal, I was afraid to do it wrong. The vomit method makes it gross and dirty and that is what I liked about it.

🤔 A Question For You

Do you currently journal? If yes, what technique do you use? If not, what is stopping you?

Come share your answer on Twitter, lets discuss!

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