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Oh yeah, forgot to mention. I call the newsletter “Nerd Notes”, because I am a nerd and these are my notes to you!

Adding Tools

You already have the creative skills. Adding some business, marketing, and mindset powers will make you unstoppable.

Charging More

One of my superpowers is pricing out projects. Learn my strategies to start landing 5-figure projects on the regular!

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Use your creative superpowers to create YOUR wealth, not someone else’s. Build your own business!

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“DAMMNNNN that hits home. Feels like you are talking directly to me.”



“This is just great, I can’t wait for the next issue.

Thank you so much, Chris.”



“Thank you for the free newsletter, this taught me good design concepts. Thanks again. Keep Going.”


UX Designer

“Thanks a lot and I hope to learn a lot from you in the future, especially in ways to organize because I really suck at that. Thanks for your time!”



“I’ve just joined, but you probably know that, anyway this has really piqued my interest because I’ve been hammering away at design and code for what feels like forever now, but I’ve never been introduced to a simple process like this.”


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“I really appreciate how you make your emails as concise as possible. As a matter of fact, I always look forward to every Tuesdays issue. Keep up the good work.”



“Thank you so much for this enlightenment, and your newsletters have been really helpful.”



“Thanks for the weekly email, I love em. Reminds me to move and do things differently, as well as a sense of ‘oh I’m not alone’ for want of a better term.”


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“This is interesting and inspiring! Thanks for sharing your unique perspective!”



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Heyo! I am Chris.

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You already have the creative skills, lets fill in the gaps with business strategy, design thinking, marketing hacks, productivity habits, & leadership skills.

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