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Helpful solutions for freelance developers. Want to stay informed about what I am working on and be first in line for the next launch? Hop on Nerd Notes

Rockbase WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme


Rockbase is a new kind of block-based WordPress theme designed for content creators, podcasters, bloggers, solopreneurs, and more. It’s flexible, modular, and so simple that it makes working in WordPress fun again.


Video Call Master


Learn my secret tips for becoming a video call hero. Go from sweating through your clothes to owning the Zoom room.

Mini-course + Template

Find Your Number


Survival is the first step of becoming a successful freelancer. This template and mini course helps you calculate what your bare minimums are so that you can create more informed pricing models.

Notion Template

Create Origin Story


Every developer needs an origin story. But it can be difficult to craft yours. Download a FREE template you can use to get started!


Build a Hero


Each lesson contains the exact steps I take to craft well structured HTML + CSS. Try it yourself, then see how I did it! Learn by doing.