Video Call Master

Learn my secret tips for becoming a video call hero. Go from sweating through your clothes to owning the Zoom room.

Use this new superpower to accelerate your growth as a freelancer!

Written by Chris Hufnagel

Last updated December 02, 2023

When I started out as a freelancer the idea of video calls made me anxious. I would sweat through my clothes when I saw that I had a video call that day.

I would show up unprepared, scared, and not ready for the call.

This made me BAD at video calls and negatively impacted my relationship with my clients.

I knew if I was going to make this freelancing thing work I needed to get better at video calls.

After freelancing for over 11 years I have mastered the dark art of video calls and have used it to build incredible relationships, close six-figure clients, and scale my business.

This playbook is my secret weapon when it comes to video calls. Use it!

In the Playbook:

Pre-Call Cheatsheet

Learn my exact steps for preparing for every video call I have.

The Call Cheatsheet

If you come prepared (step one) then the call is the easy part!

Post Call Cheatsheet

Now that the call is over you can breathe and own the post-call.

Bonus Tips

Small talk sucks and I never liked it. So I made a cheat sheet to help me come up with things on the fly. It works, I hope it helps you!

Call Notes Template

Download the template I use for taking notes for my calls. Notion + Google Docs version included.

Ready to Stop Dreading Video Calls?

Download the Video Call Master Playbook and obtain the new upgrade! Start flourishing on all your Zoom calls from this day forward!